Macintosh Power Book G Series

At first glance, you'll be struck by the style of these computers. On closer examination, you'll find their advanced features and outstanding flexibility even more striking. Most impressive of all, though, is their performance. These innovative notebook systems outperform comparable Pentium and Pentium II processor-based notebook and desktop systems.* Simply put, the Apple Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series sets new standards for portable design, performance, and value.

The Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series truly offers "something for every-one"—from creative professionals to educators and students to business professionals. Built around the high-performance PowerPC G3 processor with performance-boosting backside level 2 cache—the same innovative chip that sparked the success of Apple's current line of desktop systems—these notebook systems provide the power to handle even the most demanding tasks.

To complement their power, the PowerBook G3 notebook systems incorporate the impressive multimedia capabilities that are a must for today's educators and business professionals. And since Apple understands that individual needs are just that—individual—these systems offer flexible configuration options. Each system includes either a high-speed CD-ROM drive or a DVD-ROM drive for the latest storage technology. And with the DVD-Video PC Card that comes with the DVD-ROM drive, you can play the latest DVD movies. PowerBook G3 systems also include built-in video output, as well as S-video output for connecting to a TV.

The innovative design of these computers is as functional as it is attractive, with features such as two hot-swappable expansion bays for multiple storage options and lithium-ion batteries, and a flip-up keyboard for fast, easy access to memory expansion and the removable hard disk drive.

The PowerBook G3 systems' communications offerings include built-in Ethernet—a requirement in most educational environments as well as in business. And an internal 56-Kbps modem lets you tap into your organizational network or the Internet***

The Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series: Truly versatile portable systems that give you unmatched performance, style, and capabilities to meet your needs at a price you can afford.


Astounding performance

  • Features the PowerPC G3 processor, for the fastest performance ever in a notebook computer
  • Incorporates performance-boosting backside level 2 cache
  • Uses SDRAM and SGRAM for the fastest memory architecture available
  • Supports two lithium-ion batteries for up to 7 hours of normal use
  • Offers flexible configuration options to meet your needs and your budget

Advanced multimedia

  • Features a high-quality 12.1- or 14.1-inch (diagonal) active-matrix (TFT) display
  • Includes up to 4MB of video memory, for displaying millions of colors on an external monitor
  • Provides resolution scaling and outstanding 2D/3D graphics acceleration through the integrated ATI RAGE LT PRO graphics controller
  • Includes a high-speed CD-ROM drive or a DVD-ROM drive and DVD-Video PC Card for the latest breakthrough in storage and video playback
  • Allows you to connect an external monitor, video projector, or TV

Striking style

  • Features an award-winning design that combines aesthetics and functionality
  • Includes two expansion bays for a variety of storage and battery options
  • Provides easy access to memory expansion and the removable hard disk drive through its flip-up keyboard
  • Accommodates CardBus cards and PC Cards for additional networking, storage, dualmonitor support, and DVD-Video playback capabilities

Integrated communications

  • Includes built-in 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • Includes internal modem that supports K56flex and V.90 standard
  • Comes with built-in 4-Mbps IrDA technology for easy, wireless LAN access and file sharing

Macintosh PowerBook

Performance Comparisons

Based on MacBench Processor Scores**

G3 Series at 300 _

with 1MB level 2 cache

G3 Series at 266 _

with 1MB level 2 cache


G3 Series at 233 _

with 512K level 2 cache

G3 Series at 233 _

without level 2 cache

3400c/240 1400c/166

  • Based on BYTEmark integer index.
  • Based on Apple internal testing using MacBench 4.0 processor performance scores. Actual performance on applications will vary. MacBench is a subsystem-level benchmark that measures the relative performance of Mac OS-based systems.
  • Data speeds up to 56 Kbps, fax speeds up to 14.4 Kbps. Actual download speeds vary with line conditions and your Internet service provider's modem capabilities. FCC regulations limit ISP transmission speeds to 53 Kbps in the U.S.

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