Use the following tools for procedures in this chapter:

  • 8 Torx driver (for most screws)
  • 6 Torx driver (for the PC Card cardcage)
  • PC Card cardcage alignment tool (077-0160)
  • Phillips screwdriver (for the heat sink and modem)
  • Flat-blade nylon or plastic tool
  • Dental pick or hook tool (to open flex connectors)
  • Torque screwdriver (highly recommended for some replacement procedures)

Caution: If you use a magnetic Torx driver, do not use it around the hard drive or the sleep reed switch.

Caution: To avoid damaging or losing parts, ensure your work surface is clean.

Scale = 1 inch

13 15 3

Case Assembly Screws

Top Case—Heat Sink (1 Phillips)

Top Case—Trackpad Switch Carrier (2) Trackpad Hold Down (2) Control Button Cable (2)

Top Case—PC Eject Switch (2) Speakers (2 ea) Stiffener (2)

Top Case—Hard Drive Bracket (4) Hard Drive Connector (2)

Top Case—Heat Sink (1 Phillips)

Top Case— (1 between B&V controls) (2 by speaker grilles)

Top Case—Stiffener to Modem (1)

Bottom Case— Power Supply (1 top)

Bottom Case— Standoff (1 under Power Supply)

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