Note: A certain number of defects are inherent in display technology and vary by many factors, including type of technology. If you suspect that your display contains an abnormal number of defects, call Apple Technical Support.

Caution: Do not use a metal screwdriver to reseat the display cables, or shorting could result. Use a plastic or nylon tool.

Partial or full row of 1

pixels is always on or 2

never comes on in an 3

active matrix display 4

Check display cables and connections. Replace data display cable (international only). Replace display (international only). Replace I/O logic board.

Display is very light or totally white

Adjust screen contrast (FSTN units only) and brightness settings.

Verify data cable to I/O logic board connection, inverter board connection, and I/O logic board connections. Note: For

13.3" displays only, replace data cable and ensure that the cable is bent at the scored line.

Replace inverter board (international only).

Replace display (international only).

Replace I/O logic board.

An external monitor connected to the PowerBook shows no video

1 Verify external monitor has power.

2 Try another video adapter.

3 Try another monitor.

4 Restart unit and reset PRAM.

5 Replace I/O logic board.

No display, but computer appears to operate correctly

Note: If sleep light is blinking and computer is not in sleep mode, reset power manager.

1 Insert disk into floppy drive and press Command-E (eject disk) to verify that computer is working.

2 Adjust screen brightness setting.

3 Verify display cable, inverter board, PMU connections, and I/O logic board connections.

4 Verify inverter cable.

5 Connect power adapter.

6 Replace inverter board.

7 Replace display.

8 Replace I/O logic board.

Backlight doesn't operate

1 Adjust screen brightness setting.

2 Verify that backlight cable connection is secure.

3 Check display cable, inverter board, and I/O logic board connections.

4 Verify that inverter cable is properly connected and that cable is good.

5 Verify that cables are not pinched or severed.

6 Replace inverter board (international only).

7 Replace display (international only).

8 Replace I/O logic board.

13.3" screen flickers or shows intermittent vertical lines

Carefully squeeze the upper left side of the display bezel. If the problem disappears, dispatch unit for display cable replacement (13.3" displays only). Do not replace I/O logic board or display.

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