1. Note the cable routing before disconnecting cables.

Replacement Note: Reserve any tape for securing cables after the frame replacement.

  1. Warning: The subwoofer cone, located below the right corner of the frame, is a sensitive device. Avoid touching the cone as you perform this procedure.
  2. Disconnect the connector from the upper right corner of the logic board.

4. Warning: Be careful not to strain the LVDS cable.

Near the I/O ports,

  • disconnect the LVDS cable by using the pull-tab on the connector
  • disconnect the 6-pin connector

Replacement Note: When reinstalling the LVDS cable, tuck the pull-tab under the frame.

5. Remove the screw that secures the LVDS cable to the frame.

6. Near the fan, disconnect the two connectors shown

  • four-pin connector
  • two-pin connector

Replacement Warning: When reassembling the computer, notice the two black insulated cables that run along the bottom of the fan. To avoid damaging the cables, make sure that the thinner twisted cable is routed on top of the thicker fan cable and that both cables are routed between the fan and the modem standoff, as shown.

7. Peel up any remaining tape, and remove the screws from the frame and I/O port shield.

8. Remove the 6-mm long screw at the RJ11 board.
9. Disconnect the optical drive flex cable.

10. Pull up the hall effect sensor cable from a few of the cable routing guides only until it clears the frame.

11. Lift up the frame, being careful where it catches on the optical drive flex cable and other cables.

Replacement Note: When installing the replacement frame, note the routing of the cables through the frame channels.

12. Remove the tape that secures the RJ11 board and cable to both sides of the frame. Transfer the RJ11 board and cable to the replacement frame.

14. Remove the screws from the fan. Transfer the fan to the replacement frame. (Refer to "Fan" in this chapter.)

Replacement Note: Check that the replacement frame includes a thermal pad next to the fan, as shown by the blue rectangle in the following image.

15. Install the replacement frame, and reassemble and test the computer.

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