Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Battery
  • Top case
  • AirPort Extreme card
  • Display panel assembly
  • Display rear housing
  • Inverter board
  • Clutch cover and diversity board

1. With the display assembly face down on a soft cloth, peel up the tape from the LVDS connector, and disconnect the cable from the LCD panel.

Important: When reconnecting the LVDS cable, make sure it is fully seated. Secure the cable with one layer of Kapton tape only on the metal of the connectors. Do not allow tape to adhere anywhere on the white back of the panel or display issues may be induced.

Note: If replacing the LCD, see the LCD panel chapter for tape application procedures to secure the sleep magnet.

Powerbook Lcd Install

2. Peel up the metal tape securing the clutch end of the LVDS cable and reserve for reinstallation, or install new. /

3. With the clutch cover removed, note the position of the LVDS cable on the clutch post. It is held in place with adhesive.

Replacement Note: Be sure to position the replacement LVDS cable under the clutch post as shown.

Lvds Cable Apple Laptop

Replacement Note: Remove the protective strip covering the adhesive on the replacement LVDS cable before installing.

Lvds Cable Assy 160

4. Remove the LVDS cable from the display assembly.

5. Reassemble and test the computer.

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