Apple Service Diagnostic ASD

MacTest Pro software does not work on this computer since the PowerBook G4 (15-inch FW 800) and forward are Mac OS X only systems. ASD is the replacement and can be downloaded from Knowledge Base article 112125: Service Diagnostics Matrix.

Important: ASD 2.6.3 is backwards compatible to the PowerBook G4 (1GHz/867MHz) and later.

Apple Service Diagnostic Main screen:

Carta Identita Bambibni
Apple Service Diagnostic Select Tests tab:
Apple Service Diagnostic

Apple Service Diagnostic Hardware Info tab:

f~*\f Test Controls \f Select lests\f HWInfo \

-Hill 10


Machine Name:

Uniiriomti model

Machine ID:

Power £Iac4,4

MLB Serial Num


ROM Version:


ROM Serial Xum

tiU6 86212 0J7

CPU Info:

Hot Available

Caclte Info:

Kot Available

PtilT Version :



RAM Size:


RAM Cord!ig:

tlKUSED - Empty Slot,

DIMM0/J1600 - Empty Slot,

DIMM1/J1601 - 128 Mb


Apple Service Diagnostic Test Log tab: Test Log

06/11/02 19:01:05 • TESTIH& STARTED - LOO? 10 « 19:01:05 KLE.KeyLargo.I2C: I2C Register 19:01:09 CPU: Simple FPU Test 19:01:13 Storage.Fixed: Device Self-Test Testing Hard Drive .. HDD 1 19:01:14 Storage.Fixed: PIO Read Single Block Testing Hard Drive ...HDD 1

19:01:15 Storage.Fixed: PIO 4 Corner Read Test Testing Hard Drive ...HDD 1 19:01:19 Storage.Fixed: DMA Read Single Block Testing Hard Drive . .HDD 1 19:01:20 Storage.Fixed: BMA 4 Corner Read Test Testing Hard Drive .,.HDD 1 19:01:24 FireWire: Register test 19:01:26 FireWire: Set/olear register test 19:01:29 FireWire: PHlf register test 06/11/02 19:01:35 • TE ST I KG- PASSED *


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