Replacement Procedure

Note: If replacing the top case, remove the keyboard and transfer to the replacement top case.

  1. Visually check to verify that all cables are connected and routed correctly with nothing raised up or incorrectly over a component.
  2. Check perimeter wiring and cables around clutches to verify that they will not be caught or pinched by the top case during replacement.
  3. Verify that the LVDS cable is secure and lays flat.

5. Check that the perimeter metal tabs are not bent.

Note: The metal quickly fatigues and can break off easily. Be extremely careful to gently straighten tabs, if needed.

Top Case Flex Cable Powerbook
  1. Connect the flex cable from the top case to the logic board.
  2. Lift the top case slightly and rotate it down over the bottom case (verify that the cable is folding properly) and align the corners.
  3. Start at the right corner and guide the top case onto the bottom case. Use a black stick to carefully pull or push tabs slightly, if needed.



Important Notes:

  • Some side screws have a flexible screw boss. If they block a tab on the top case from seating, use the pointed end of a black stick through the screw hole to push on the boss slightly.
  • The tabs are fragile. Do not apply too much pressure or bend them.
  • The top case should lay flat along the sides and top, if not, make sure that cables and components are not interfering.
  • Screw order is vital for the proper attachment of the top case.

9. Reinstall the side screws in the order shown, below.

Replacement Note: Do NOT insert side screws into the DVI port screw holes. The screws can jam in the holes, requiring removing the logic board to remove.

Casing Powerbook

% 3.4 mm

  1. Close the computer, flip it over, and install the four back screws.
  2. Install the two screws in the memory bay.
  3. Install the memory door and four screws.
  4. Install the two screw in the battery bay.

18.4 mm

12..A mm

  1. 4 irm ri r o
  2. Replace the battery.
  3. Testing the computer should include powering on, checking the keyboard and trackpad function.

Operate the computer in a darkened room to check for keyboard backlight function.

| Keyboard

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