Replacement Procedure

  1. Connect the backup battery cable to the backup battery and to the logic board.
  2. Remove any protective adhesive cover on the replacement backup battery.
  3. Position the backup battery precisely to the dimensions shown below.

Note: Measurements are from the edge of the optical drive and the optical drive bracket to the backup battery board and the battery (not the protective cover).

Important: If the backup battery is not positioned correctly, sharp edges on the top case, and on the optical drive bracket, may cause damage.

Press where shown to secure the backup battery to the optical drive.

  1. Reassemble the computer.
  2. Testing the computer should include plugging in the power adapter and letting the backup battery charge for half an hour. Then power on the computer and disconnect the power adapter, set the system clock, put the computer to sleep, remove the main battery for five seconds and reinstall. The date and time should not reset.

Also, insert an optical disc to verify that the optical drive functions properly.

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