A USB device not recognized by computer

Note: If you are trying to use a serial device with a USB/Serial adapter, check with the manufacturer of the adapter for compatibility.

  1. Completely shut down, then press the power button to start the computer.
  2. Verify current driver for the device is installed.
  3. If a camera, turn on camera after initiating download with camera application.
  4. Try the other USB port.
  5. Try different USB device on same port.
  6. Eliminate chain by plugging in only one peripheral.
  7. Try known-good Apple USB keyboard or mouse to verify the port is working properly. If the left port is bad, check the Sound/DC-in board flex cable and connections. If the right port is bad, check the backup battery flex cable and connections.
  8. If the USB flex cables are fine, replace the Sound/DC-in board for the left USB port or the backup battery board for the right port.
  9. Replace logic board.

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