Application Quits Kernel panic or other booting problems

  1. If a specific application quits, replace the application. Verify the application is compatible with OS X.
  2. Clear parameter RAM. Hold down Command-Option-P-R during startup until you hear a second startup chime.
  3. Run Disk Utility from the Software Install and Restore DVD.
  4. Perform a clean install of system software with the software install and restore disc that came with the computer.

Note: Restore disc images are available at Select "Disc Images."

  1. Reboot system.
  2. Run Apple Service Diagnostic in loop mode (Control-L) for an extended time to test the memory. If the test finds bad memory, replace the DIMMs one at a time and test until all bad DIMMs are replaced with known-good modules.
  3. Replace the logic board.

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