Difficulty writing to optical media

  1. Verify the correct type of disc is being used.
  2. Try a different brand or speed of CD-R disc.

Note: Some brands of 24x or 32x CD-R media may not work with the SuperDrive.

Note: There are two factors in the ability for the optical drive to write to media. First, there are varying qualities of blank optical media. Some media are made to such low specifications that the ability for the drive to write to it is marginal.

There are variations in optical media even under the same brand. Some brands source their optical media from a variety of manufacturers, so there may be variations in the quality.

Second, an optical drive that supports writing to a CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW disc requires a special writing algorithm for discs from different disc manufacturers. There are hundreds of disc manufacturers, it is impossible to implement writing algorithms for each disc manufacturer. Usually, drive manufacturers implement special writing algorithms for discs from major disc manufacturers. For discs that are not supported by the drive with special writing algorithms, the drive will use a generic writing algorithm to write the disc. In this case, the writability and readability may not be optimal.

  1. Replace optical drive flex cable.
  2. Replace optical drive.

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