Memory Door and Memory Cards


This procedure requires the following tools:

  • Soft cloth
  • 0 Phillips screwdriver

Part Location

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove the battery.


Warning: If the computer has been recently operating, allow it to cool down before performing this procedure.

  1. Place the computer face down on a soft cloth.
  2. Remove the four screws from the memory door then remove the door.


Note: If only one memory card is installed, the factory installs it in the bottom memory slot. Note: Memory must be removed from the top slot before removing from the bottom slot.

3. To remove memory cards, carefully spread the two locking tabs for the slot (top or bottom) away from the card on both sides and allow the card to pop up slightly.

Replacement Procedure


  • The top and bottom memory cards are inserted at different angles.
  • If installing two cards, install into the bottom slot first.
  • Align the notch in the memory card with the tooth in the slot before inserting.

1. To install a memory card into the bottom slot, insert the card at a low angle behind the locking tabs of the top slot.

2. Slide the card forward to the lower slot. Firmly push the card straight into the slot until it is fully and securely seated along its length.

Note: If the back of the card drops down before it is fully seated, raise it up enough to push it fully into the slot.

3. Carefully spread the two locking tabs for the bottom slot away from the card on both sides while pushing the card straight down until the tabs click onto both sides of the card, locking it into place.

4. If installing a memory card in the top slot, follow the same procedures as the bottom slot except insert the card at a 30-degree angle, above the locking tabs.

  1. Push the card in until it is firmly seated.
  2. As with the bottom slot, spread the locking tabs for the top slot while pushing the card straight down until it locks into place.

7. Cards should be flat and secure on both sides.

  1. Install the memory door.
  2. Replace the battery.
  3. Use Apple System Profiler to verify that the memory is recognized. (Choose the menu bar Apple logo (#) > About This Mac, click More Info..., select the System Profile tab, open the Memory Overview.)

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