No modem dial tone

  1. Check that the correct modem is selected in the Network Port Configuration section of the Network system preferences.
  2. Verify known-good analog (not digital) telephone line.
  3. Verify known-good RJ-11 telephone cable.
  4. Verify RJ-11 cable is not plugged into Ethernet port.
  5. Inspect RJ-11 connector and modem port for pin damage.
  6. Verify RJ-11 telephone cable is firmly installed in the modem port.
  7. If using Apple Remote Access, select Ignore Dial Tone in the Modem control panel. If the modem connects with this settings selected, try another phone line. If using a terminal or communications program, enter atx1 to disable tone detection. To reset the modem back to the factory settings, enter atz.
  8. Check RJ-11 wires to Sound/DC-in board. Replace if bad.
  9. Verify RJ-11 wire's 2-pin connectors are plugged into correctly.
  10. Check modem flex cable is properly installed. Replace cable if needed.
  11. Replace modem.
  12. Replace logic board.

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