1. Remove the screws.

3. Guide out the sound/DC-in board.

Replacement Note: Install the "TO MLB" side of the flex cable to the logic board.

4. Turn the board over and disconnect the Bluetooth cable.

5. Remove the RJ-11 port, with attached cable, to transfer to the replacement board.

The RJ-11 port slides off the sound/DC-in board but may be very tight. It may be helpful to pull on the port, or push it with the flat blade of a black stick, until it begins to move, then use a black stick to create leverage behind the port.

Replacement Note: If the replacement sound/DC-in board has an RJ-11 port installed, remove it and install the existing RJ-11 port.

The RJ-11 board must go above the standoff.

  1. Important: Connect the Bluetooth connector to the replacement sound/DC-in board.
  2. Install the replacement sound/DC-in board.

Replacement Note: Verify that the port EMI metal rests above the port plastic.

Replacement Note: Verify that the screw pass-through holes, at the Bluetooth connector end of the board, line up with the screw bosses below them so that the PC card cage screws can install properly.

  1. Connect the speaker, power, and flex cables.
  2. Reassemble and test the computer.
  3. Testing should include using Bluetooth to connect to another computer. Check the function of the modem port, DC-in port and the left USB port.

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