1. Remove the four screws.
  2. To remove the cage, lift it off of the eject button pin.
  3. Remove the eject button for replacement.
  1. Verify the holes in the Sound/DC-in board, are aligned with the screw bosses under them on the bottom case so that the PC card cage screws will install.
  2. Install the replacement PC card cage and eject button.

Replacement Note: Ensure that the pin on the PC card cage eject button is secured by the hole in the cage mechanism.

6. Lightly install all four screws before tightening (note: longer screws go in the back by the flex cable), then tighten in the following order.

  1. Reassemble the computer.
  2. Testing the computer should include inserting a PC card to check that it can be locked in and that the eject button works smoothly.

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