1. Disconnect the AirPort Extreme antenna coupling. Grasp the coupling (not the wires) at both ends and pull to separate at the middle.

2. If replacing the AirPort Extreme flex cable, remove the two screws.

3. Remove four screws and lift out the AirPort Extreme card cage.

4. Notice the routing of the antenna cable jumper and remove. If not replacing, transfer to the replacement cage.

Install the replacement AirPort Extreme card cage.

Replacement Note: Make sure the AirPort Extreme card cage door is closed before installing.

  1. Reassemble the computer.
  2. Testing the computer should include inserting an AirPort Extreme card to check that it can be fully inserted and the door closed. Use Apple System Profiler to check that the AirPort Extreme card is recognized. Test that the AirPort Extreme card is working.

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