1. Remove the two screws along the back, closest to the bottom of the computer.
  2. Open the computer display.
  3. Lift the Bluetooth antenna cable out of the channels on the left speaker, then disconnect the antenna cable from the Bluetooth board.

Replacement Note: The Bluetooth antenna cable secures with the modem cable in the channels along the left speaker. When re-securing, insert the Bluetooth antenna wire into the channel first, then the modem wire.

4. Disconnect the AirPort Extreme antenna coupling. Remove Kapton tape if present, then grasp the coupling (not the wires) at both ends and pull to separate at the middle.

Replacement Note: Use Kapton tape to secure the connector.

5. Disconnect the inverter cable.

6. On the right side of the computer, disconnect the LVDS cable.

7. Move the display to a 90-degree angle and remove the four screws.

Important: Support the display from falling over before removing the last screw.

8. Lift the display straight up and off of the computer without catching wires.

9. Install the replacement display panel assembly.

Replacement Note: Make sure to capture the grounding loop with the back screw.

  1. Reassemble and test the computer.
  2. Testing the computer should include the display panel. Use Bluetooth to connect to another computer and verify proper AirPort Extreme function. Check the function of the RJ-11 modem port.

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