1. Guide the Bluetooth 4-pin connector and antenna cables from under the bottom case hardware.
  2. Lift up the Bluetooth board.
  1. Disconnect the Bluetooth antenna cable.
  2. Use a black stick to disconnect the 4-pin connector.

5. If replacing the Bluetooth cable, remove the cable through the space at the PC card cage button guide.

6. Install the replacement Bluetooth board.

Note: Use Kapton tape if needed to secure the shield around the board.

7. Route cables under the case hardware in the channel as shown, and verify that the antenna cable is seated in the cable clips on the speaker assembly.

Note: The Bluetooth antenna cable secures with the modem cable in the channels along the left speaker. If re-securing, insert the Bluetooth antenna wire into the channel first, then the modem wire.

Important: Check that cables are not routed between screw bosses or over case edge hardware.

8. Reassemble and test the computer. Testing should include using Bluetooth to connect to another computer.

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