Using the Fn

Pressing the Fn key affects three sets of keys: the function keys F1-F12, the embedded numeric keypad, and certain modifier keys.

  • It toggles the function keys between their control-button operation and their F1-F12 functions, as shown in Table 3-9 (page 56) and Figure 3-6 (page 53). In Mac OS 9, the user selects the default modes of operation of those keys as described in the section "The Function-Keys Checkbox" (page 55).
  • It selects the embedded numeric keypad on the right portion of the alphanumeric keys, as shown in Table 3-11 (page 57) and Figure 3-7 (page 54).
  • It changes certain control keys, including the cursor control keys, to page control keys, as shown in Table 3-12 (page 58) and Figure 3-7 (page 54).

Note: User-programmable function key assignments are supported in Mac OS 9. In Mac OS X, the user must provide a third-party utility to enable the feature.

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