Primary Fan Replacement Instructions

The following instructions explain how to replace the primary fan in the PowerBook G4 (DVI) computer.


  • Black stick (nylon probe tool 922-5065) or other ESD-safe, non-marring tool
  • Razor blade
  • Needle nose pliers

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Battery
  • Logic Board

1. With the logic board removed from the computer, disconnect the fan connector from the logic board.

Apple Motherboard Fan Connector

2. Turn over the logic board, and locate the cone-shaped pin at the right corner of the fan. Pull the rubber pin tight. Use a razor blade to cut through the rubber pin.

Powermac Motherboard Turn

3. Turn over the logic board, and tilt up the fan to remove it completely from the logic board.

Note: The fan is secured to the logic board by a spongy, rubber adhesive lining on three sides of the bottom of the fan. If there is any adhesive stuck to the surface of the logic board, remove it by rubbing it away. Do not use solvents.

Replacement Fan For Powerbook

4. When installing the replacement fan, first use a black stick to push the cone-shaped rubber pin into the hole on the logic board. (If necessary, use needle nose pliers to pull the rubber pin through to the other side of the logic board.) Then, peel away the protective cover from the adhesive that lines the three sides of the fan. Align the fan over the logic board opening and press the fan into place.

Important: Do not press on the center hub of the fan. Press only on the outside edges of the fan housing.

Note: If the cone-shaped rubber pin is too long, use a razor blade to cut the extra length.

5. With the replacement fan installed securely, and the fan connector connected to the logic board, reassemble and test the computer.

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