Access Time

Average: .55 sec. (typical)

Maximum (first to last block): 1 sec. (typical)

Transfer Rate

Cooked data/user bytes: 153.6 K/sec. Raw data: 175.2 K/sec.

SCSI Transfer Rate Approximately 2.1 MB/sec. (burst)



Rotational Speed

Approximately 230-530 rpm


One 8-pin mini DIN A/V connector; one 50-pin SCSI connector; one audio line out; one headphone jack; one RC5 infrared remote control receiver; one wall adapter 8.8 VDC input

Playback Medium 12-cm optical disc (CD-DA discs, red tracks of CD-V discs, CD-

ROM discs, photo CD discs)

Playing Time Frequency Response Analog Output S/N Ratio Dynamic Range

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