Problems turning your computer on

If you don't see anything on the screen, check these items to see if you can identify the problem:

  • Is the computer connected to the bass unit, and the bass unit plugged into a power source? If it is plugged into a power strip, is the power strip turned on?
  • Is the status light underneath the bass unit on? If it isn't, try plugging the equipment into a different outlet.
  • Is the status light on the front of the computer on? If it isn't, check to be sure the computer's power cable is plugged into the bass unit's cable.
  • Is the keyboard cable connected correctly? It should be plugged into the ADB port, marked with the V icon. (Don't connect or disconnect this cable while the computer is on. You could damage your equipment.)
  • Is the brightness control adjusted correctly? (The brightness control is marked with the symbol and is on the left under the screen on the computer.)

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