QTC Camera Connections

With the exception of the Macintosh Quadra 840 amp 660 AV, Power Macintosh 7500 and 8500, this camera is connected to the back panel of a Power Macintosh AV model S video connector via a single cable conveying the video signal from the camera and the 12V DC supply to the camera. Only the Power Macintosh 7100AV and 8100AV uses the integrated power video cable. The Power Macintosh 7500 and 8500 use the separate RCA to RCA cable and S-Video to power cables. The Quadra 660AV and 840AVA use the RCA...

QTC Camera General Description

The video camera is a CCD image sensing device capable of working in a variety of light conditions and providing video images to the video input of the computer. The external package provides a means of stable positioning in a computing work environment, while allowing the user to position the camera for a variety of image captures. Each pixel has a color filter and lens over it. The lenses widen the effective photo diode light sensing area, making the CCD more light sensitive.