Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, make sure the drives are in the unlocked position. Also, make sure the drive being replaced is not in use by any application and is not being shared by the Xserve (See the Mac OS X Server documentation for information about shared drives.) To do this, you may need to first unmount the drive by using the command-line tools or by dragging the disk icon to the Trash.

You can replace or install hard drives while the Xserve is running; you do not need to shut down or open the Xserve first.

Note: There are two LED indicators on the front of each drive.

Drive module status light (green)

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Drive module activity light (blue)

Drive module activity light (blue)

  • The upper LED shows drive status: a green light indicates the drive is good; a yellow or red light indicates the drive should be replaced.
  • The lower LED shows drive activity: when the blue light is blinking, the system is reading from or writing to the drive. To avoid losing data, never remove a drive when the lower LED is blinking.

Warning: Drives must be in the unlocked position before you attempt to remove a drive. If the drives are locked, pulling on the drive to remove it could damage the drive handle.

Part Location

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