1. Shut down the Xserve (see the Xserve User'sGuide for help) and then wait a few moments to let the Xserve internal components cool.
  2. If the Xserve case is locked, use the enclosure key to unlock the security lock on the front panel.
  3. Unplug all cables from the Xserve.

Note: If you have trouble releasing a cable from the back panel, try using a small screwdriver or other flat tool to depress the tab on the cable connector.

  1. Loosen the thumbscrews at both ends of the front panel.
  2. Grasp the thumbscrews and pull the Xserve forward until the safety latches engage (about halfway out of the rack).

When the safety latches engage, grip the Xserve where it emerges from the rack, press down on the latch tabs with your thumbs, and slide the Xserve the rest of the way out of the rack rails. Set the Xserve on a flat surface.

7. Loosen the thumbscrews at the back of the top cover and slide the cover back and up to remove it. If you have difficulty removing the cover, check the enclosure lock on the front panel.

Important: To minimize the possibility of damage to Xserve components due to static discharge, wear an antistatic wrist strap while you work inside the Xserve.

8. When you're finished working inside the Xserve, replace and secure the cover, slide the Xserve back into the rack, and tighten the front thumbscrews to secure the Xserve in the rack. If the server case was locked, use the enclosure key to lock the security lock on the front panel.

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