1. Loosen the four screws securing the heat sink that is closest to the DIMM slots (CPU A) in the order indicated below.

Important: Each heat sink is connected to the main logic board by a small 2-pin thermal sensor cable. Be careful not to pull on the wire as you lift each heat sink enough to disconnect the cable from the main logic board. It's easier to reach the sensor connectors on the logic board if you start with the right heat sink near the DIMM slots (CPU A).

  1. Slowly lift the heat sink off the processor just far enough that you can reach the sensor cable connector. You might feel some resistance from the thermal grease that binds the heat sink to the processor.
  2. Pull on the connector, not the wires, to disconnect the sensor cable from the main logic board.
  1. Lift the heat sink straight up and out of the enclosure.
  2. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the left processor (CPU B) heat sink.
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