1. Release the latch on the metal processor holder.
  2. Rotate the top of the holder to the open position.

3. Lift the processor out of the holder.

Important: When removing or installing a processor, always hold the processor by the edges. Be extremely careful not to touch the gold pins on the bottom of the processor, as this type of connector is very sensitive to contamination. Also be careful not to touch the gold pins in the processor socket on the logic board.

Note: You can identify the processor by the speed etched on the processor can. You must clean off the thermal grease from installed processors to see the speed.

Replacement Note: Before installing a replacement processor, remove the protective cap covering the new processor's connector.

Replacement Note: When installing the processor on the logic board, align the processor notch with the tab on the processor holder, as illustrated. Then lower the processor straight down onto the socket.

Note: Unlike in earlier Xserve G5 computers, replacing a processor in Xserve (Late 2006) does not require running Apple Service Diagnostic for thermal calibration.

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