Server cannot be seen on network

  1. Open the Network system preference pane and select the built-in Ethernet option. Verify that you can now see devices on the network.
  2. If only one Ethernet port is in use, verify that it is the lower port. If it is not, move the Ethernet cable to the lower port.
  3. Boot the Xserve from the Installation disc. Go to another computer on the same subnet and start Server Assistant. If the Xserve can be seen, the Xserve hardware should be functioning correctly. Check the software configuration on the Xserve, or reinstall and reconfigure the Xserve.
  4. Try a known-good Ethernet cable.
  5. Clear parameter RAM. Hold down Command-Option-P-R during startup.
  6. Try connecting to a known-good Ethernet port at the wall or external hub.
  7. Verify that other users are experiencing the same problem. If so, contact the network administrator.
  8. If connected to an Ethernet card, reseat the card.
  9. If connected to an Ethernet card, replace the card.
  10. Replace the logic board.

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